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Career Guru Consultancy Ltd is a private consultancy firm offering professional advice to all our clients in Ireland and globally.

Personalized Assistance

We help international students to Pursue their Dreams in countries.

Organizing Interviews

As a leading healthcare staffing agency, CG consultancy organize interviews for recruiting healthcare professionals abroad.

We have many potential candidates who have excellent professional experience and good English Language Proficiency. They are experienced nurses available from Ireland and India. We organize interviews for selecting nurses and all other health care professionals suitable for your needs in all areas and sectors of nursing care.

Visa Application Assistance

We don’t just send our candidates to apply for the visa; we provide full visa application guidance with a checklist of documents required for a visa. Our experienced immigration team will review the applications before we submit them to the embassy. A simple error can cost money, and time and we want to make sure all our candidates get their visas.

Airport Pickup

We understand that it is hard for the candidate to come to a country for the first time and the stress of moving away from their family, so we always have someone available to provide pick-up services at the airport to welcome them. Additionally, we provide ongoing support to the candidates to help them settle in.

Accommodation Assistance

We help you with customized needs. We aim to offer easy service for both clients and candidates. Both are our valuable assets. Assuring complete candidate satisfaction is what we look forward together with the recruitment process. We help you find the right job, accommodation and services needed.
For a candidate working in a care home or Hospital, finding accommodation is the hardest part since the candidate is new to the country. We work with several communities who will support them to find the right accommodation

Family Visa Assistance

One of the most frequently asked questions in recruitment is regarding bringing the applicant's family to Ireland, we are the only company that supports our candidates in bringing their family when they travel or any time after that.

NMC/ NMBI Full Application Support

We know the importance of full application and the assessment time; we make sure every application we submit are following the NMC/NMBI requirements to avoid unnecessary delay. Since the company is run by nurses, we asses all the applications individually.

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We provide complete assistance in Course counselling, University/Country selection, Scholarships, Education Loans and Pre-departure orientations. From application to fee submission, from the thought of studying abroad to your departure – we can help you at every step. Contact us now to make your dream of studying overseas a reality.

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Anuja Mohan

Very helpful from start to finish.They gave me the right information and assisted me in choosing the best university of choice .Very professional and helpful and reliable .I am now doing Masters in Ireland.